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PlayStation Store | Black Friday Deals


  1. That wasn't playing it cool that was slo mo footage of people having a mental breakdown!

  2. noca: teria eu vergonha de dizer que sou sonista, pelo amor. cadê o setor de marketing desta empresa??? ahhhh já sei deve esta jogando x box e esqueceram de trabalhar e colocaram essa bosta de anúncio. kkkkkk

  3. Bosta para jogadores boasta, perfeito, como diz no trailer aos 0:30, para os jogadores hahahahah a própria sony tirando sarro com os jogadores kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. It's not even working, i get on ps store and try to enter black friday and it says that i cant select this content.
    So i guess that the 4 days that they give us to buy something is going for nothing, there goes money for them and i dont get my game.
    Thanks Sony

  5. acho q a sony ta economizando grana de comercial p fazer mais algum remaster kkkkkkkk cade os exclusivos sony????

  6. will this be available in Australia? Or does psn not give a f### about us??? I have checked everywhere else for answers, still can't find them somebody plz help :/

  7. Does battlefield 1 will have a discount?

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