Home Videos Okchief420 Midnight Launch & Unboxing Xbox One

Okchief420 Midnight Launch & Unboxing Xbox One


Okchief420 Midnight Launch & Unboxing Xbox One

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  1. 1:35 ahhhhhhhhhh WHY WHY WOULD YOU BUY THAT MY EYES ARE BLEEDING CRY CRY IN THERE MINDS THEY THINK ITS A GOOD GAME CANT what to play it but when they get home they will figure out they maid the worst mistake of there lives

  2. I just got my xbox one I love it I have both ps4 and xbox one not sure which I like better they both rock

  3. I just got my Xbox one today along with bf4 I kinda wanted cod black ops 3 I don't know if I made the wrong choice…

  4. When okchief420 said " The D-Pad feels really Good!" and the guy behind him said "umm", I started bustin out laughing!!! The shit was way too funny tho.

  5. Everyone can have an xbox one anytime soon I hate ur youtube channels anyways so fuck ur self

  6. Hello,
    Wanted you know you have an 8 year old fellow GAME STOP dumpster diver visiting from IRELAND this summer….watches your videos nightly after DD….so he finds lots of good stuff too!! He wanted to send you something in the mail….could u message back with your address? Thanks so much….Sean/Aunt Darla

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