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Need For Speed, Hot Pursuit X-Box 360. HELP!?


I’ve been playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on X-box 360 and I CANNOT complete the first level. I do not hit anything, but at the start, my car is just WAY slower than all the other cars, which speed away. I am pressing the buttons they tell me to in the booklet but I cannot overtake any cars. I am lucky if I just SEE the other cars. The fastest I have got up to is 120, but I have to use nitrous. I am using the car I was given at the beginning. What am I doing wrong, if anything?

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  1. Cut corners and stay inside in the turns. Try not to slide/drift too much. I know how you feel the first mission was pretty hard for me too. Again, do not hit anything and use nitrous only in the straights. If you use nitrous in the turns you may crash.

  2. I have Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on my iPod Touch, and I’m guessing it’s similar.But what really slowed me down was breaking in corners and hitting obstacles. So focus on not hitting anything and speeding at all times.If that’s what you’re doing then just keep trying the same level and build up your points so you can get a new, faster car. Hope I helped 🙂

  3. same thing is happening to me on pc and i dont know how to fix it i can’t help you sorry.

  4. These other fellas are on the money, cut back on the senseless drifting it really slows you down. I just want to add to stay in the slipstream of the racers as much as possible, you’ll accelerate much quicker. The game has a slow-racer boost built into it so you can’t get miles ahead but you can’t fall miles behind either unless you’re like 12.

  5. The same thing happened to me and the other cars were ahead of me until near the end. Don’t worry about getting ahead just drive carefully and fast and they will fall behind at the end of the race.

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