Home Playstation Games MLB 2K10 (PS3) MLB Today: Mets vs. Braves Pt. 1

MLB 2K10 (PS3) MLB Today: Mets vs. Braves Pt. 1


MLB 2K10 (PS3) MLB Today: Mets vs. Braves Pt. 1

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  1. i love the show but i give this a slight edge. the show's graphics are dope but i'm addicted to this game

  2. @benw0602 well i know that mlb commentators say different stuff on mlb video games that they wouldn't say on T.V. so u do have a point there. We need new commentators like Joe Buck,Tom McCarthy 4 Phillies baseball along w/Gary Matthews & Chris Wheeler but that's me cause i LUV the Phillies

  3. @benw0602 The show is best but i can get used 2 the dull commentary. I think they have a replacement 4 Rex in MLB 11

  4. The Show has better moves too.. the crowds and the player looks like robots in 2k10

  5. MLB The Show or 2k10?? I really like the graphics of both, but IDK what is better… the crowds in The Show are more realistic than 2K10

  6. If mlb 10 the show had commentary with variety and the announcers talking about real games like in 2k then it would be perfect..with an mlb today type of mode as well like 2k has..

  7. @wilbert916 I agree 100%, I also prefer some of the sound effects in 2K10 such as the crack of the bat, or the ball hitting the glove.

    Tho I think I like the graphics style better in MLB 2K10, not the Graphics quality, but the style, the graphics are better in The Show, if you know what I mean….

    I just think 2K10 looks more like the real thing, like the coloring of everything and whatnot. again, the style, not the quality.

  8. i bought this game played 5 innings, took it out of my ps3, took it back to the store and bought the show with some trade in credit i got for this game

  9. if you could take the graphics of the show, with the commentary of 2k. you have the ultimate baseball game.

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