Home Videos Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – Dual Wielding Gameplay TU53

Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – Dual Wielding Gameplay TU53


Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 - Dual Wielding Gameplay TU53

Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 Seed - GIANT Spawn Mushroom For TU54

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  1. Lol, rubbish, where's the actual reason they added the duel wielding ? Oh it's not their cause they are soo dame lazy (Shields are hard for 10 year olds to ad)

  2. Either way, I kind of see this as useless. I was excited to see it in the game and then hearing in the video that it's only going to be those two things for now, just shot down any reason to want to use it. Of course, that's just me though and I suppose it's best that it's there in some way over not at all.

  3. Wow gaming is so bad right now I have gone to the point where I might actualy play minecraft. I don't even know anymore

  4. I think they should out the full dual wielding system in but not allow a bow and a sword because that would be OP i young you should be able to keep food and torches in there

  5. -That's very clever cause everyone hates the wait for weapons on p c and if they allowed you to put weapons in both hands without the wait for them it would be way too overpowered

  6. This took them… how long? And it's not even complete? They're getting even lazier than Mojang…

  7. So they decided to avoid conflict by putting a half baked feature which essential satisfies no one

  8. Awesome seed, has everything you could ever want!
    Easy Diamonds, Spider and Zombie Spawner, a tiny village, Heart shaped mountain and a tiny desert! 😀

  9. toycat i have an amazing seed the seed is 1275167337 on classic and on xbox one it has 4 villages 3 sand and 1 acacia 1 of the sand villages have a sand temple in it and more it is an amazing seed and keep up the good work on your videos

  10. This seed was found on an Xbox 360 world

    The end portal is at x -122 y 23 z 222 close to spawn

    A zombie spawner at x 5 y 45 z 347

    Two small mushroom biomes

    A small jungle biome

    The seed is


    And anything else you can find

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