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Koihime Enbu PS4 REVIEW | GameGazm TV


Koihime Enbu PS4 REVIEW | GameGazm TV


  1. Thank you for reviewing this! Happened upon this on Steam and saw that M2 worked on the Steam version, love M2 so I wanted to find out more. Enjoyed the review.

  2. Oh my God this channel looks great , you guys are hella charismatic ….youve just earned a sub XD

  3. Ever played the first koihime musou strategy visual novel on PC official english version should be on mangaganer ?careful though may need tissues lots of 18+ dirty stuff on main canon visual novels

  4. Cool game and intersting choice of review. Ill probably pass on this strictly because im too lazy to import it even though i love 2d fighters. But you guys should check out skullgirls if you liked this game.

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