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is xbox 360 worth buying?


On the internet many people complain about the “Red Rings of Death” and many other problems, so i want to know if is it worth buying the xbox 360 for its price?

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  1. Well personally I think it is not worth because I have lot of friends and on his first day it had that rings of death. I have always heard a problem about it or complaining.

    I got ps3 and I think it is better.

    And I ask them what one do you think it is better and he said ps3.

    And most of my friend said there 360 had alot of problem they had to send it back for them to fix it.

  2. Its defenitly a good choice. its a great system-it has the best games out of all the systems(such as Fable 2,Fallout 3,Skate,Halo 3,COD4,COD:World at War,Rock Band 2-Just to name a few)-it has amazing online connection-xbox support is simple and helpful-and its cheaper than most other systems_and the PS3 sucks, its just a cheaper blue ray player and the online sucks_BTW if you or anyone one reading this gets or has Xbox Live add me(REDUCED 2 RUINS)

  3. The Xbox 360 is worth buying. but only if you want to take a risk.

    Like you said, the “Red rings of death” very commonly happens, but then again, you could be one of them people who it doesnt happen to.

    If it doesnt happen to you, then money well spent I say! Xbox 360 is a brilliant console with very comfortable controllers, very good graphics and very good games.

    If I was you, i’d buy the 360 and take the risk, Because you can actually fix the problem yourself =] But it takes more time than if you send it off to the “pros”.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Its worth it for the new lower price for affordable HD gaming, but if you want to utilize any networking function be prepared to change everything to wmv in order for it recognize it.

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