Home Xbox Forum is there any undetectable xbox 360 mod now days?

is there any undetectable xbox 360 mod now days?


i remember that some years ago, those who had a moded xbox got banned, my question is, is there any new mod that let me play pirated games on my xbox 360 on xbox live without getting banned?


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  1. The ONLY time you should mod is when you NEVER want to play xbox live. But like everyone else said, No. But on the bright side it’s like $5 a game modded. You can probably make the games yourself for free too.

  2. sure there are, as of this instant. ms is always playing catchup with modders, the nature of the situation dictates that they are in a reactive position.

    the problem for you is that ms is very good at catching up, and mods that work today may be an express train to bantown tomorrow. they just did a huge bansweep right before the holidays, just in time to hose all the little cheaters christmas plans. maybe one day, maybe one month, but they will catch and ban you. by the time you invest all the time and energy into keeping your console ahead of the curve, you would have been better off never modding in the first place and just buying the games.

    the long and short of it is that modding doesnt pay. never mind the fact that modders are thieves and cheaters, and generally toolbags of the lowest order. look at the posts up here from people who ask how to mod, or give advice. theyre idiots! dont want to listen to me and join team toolbag? thats cool. enjoy your ban, one less douche that i have to deal with on live.

  3. your there is a new mod now called the ixtreme lt mod, look it up, google it, im sure you will find what your looking for.

  4. A few years ago? Try a few months ago. About the same time MW2 came out craploads of people got banned.

    Remember, just because a mod may not be detectable right now doesn’t mean it won’t be detected and you get banned next week, next mont, or next year.

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