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I have.?


I have 2 things that I need help in please:

1:I have pressed the I/O PS3 button off while I was playing because the game froze,but before my PS3 turned off it beeped twice and the HDD access indicator flashed then my PS3 turned off,what’s this?

2:what will happen if you turn your PS3 off while the HDD access indicator is flashing?will it make an inevitable damage?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long question.

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  1. That’s happened to me a lot, but it only beeps twice when the game is frozen, I’m not sure what it means, but so far nothing bad has happened to my PS3 because of it. I turned off my PS2 while it was saving once, and the data it was saving ended up being corrupted, so I had to start over on that game, I’m pretty sure that is the worst that could happen with the PS3, but I’m guessing they worked out a way to fix that, and have it delay it’s power off slightly so that it could finish saving.

  2. 1. Force reset, and it was 3 beeps I’m sure.

    2. It’ll corrupt the data and F*CK up your PS3.

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