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How to set up a PS3 on a LG?


I have hooked up a cord that has three large plugs for the PS3 and 7 small plug ins for the tv. I also hooked up a HDMI Cable to the tv and PS3, but only one of the plugs for the console hooks up and the console doesn’t turn on. I’m really confused and I want this up before my family gets in town. Please help

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  1. in order to use the HDMI cable you need o change the display settings on the ps3, first start off on the component cable (red, yellow, white) then change the settings to the HDMI cable, you will have 60 seconds to switch the tv from “Input component” to “input HDMI 1” it may say “source” instead of input. bou if you need help contact sony and they will walk you through it

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