Hot Wheels: Beat That! – Xbox 360 – All Cars

Hot Wheels: Beat That! – Xbox 360 – All Cars


If you have any questions or comments on how I know what cars are from a certain edition, how long it took me to get all cars, or anything for that matter.

Well, here it is. All of the cars on the Xbox 360 version of Hot Wheels: Beat That! It was a pain to get all of them, but I still got skils. Only Da’Kar and Speed Bump could give any trouble trying to unlock. Speed Bump is definitely hard to get.

Here are the images from the series, track sets, packs, & AcceleRacers, from the game’s order:

Brutalistic – 2007 Treasure Hunts 7/12 (no white lining on the tires in the game)

SpecTyte – 2006 AcceleRacers – Realm Series (Cosmic)

Covelight – 2006 AcceleRacers – Acceleron

Rapid Transit (2004) – 2006 Bone Blazers

Off Track – 2006 Off Road Warriors 5-Pack (In the game, it has Off Road 5-Spoke wheels, but in the actual car, it has 5 Spoke.)

Mid Drift – 2006 Drift Kings

Bully Goat – 2006 V-Drop Track Set (in the game, it’s blue, but in the actual model, it’s purple).

Cool-One (2004) – 2006 Urban 5-Pack

Sooo Fast – 2005 Heat Fleet II 5-Pack

Jack Hammer – 2006 AcceleRacers – Realm Series (Water)

MS-T Suzuka – 2005 White Heat Series 2/5 (the rear wheels are bigger in the game)

Formul8r – 2007 Hot Wheels Racing Series #3

Rockster – 2006 Hot Trucks 5-Pack (There’s a version with Off Road 5 Spoke, and normal 5 Spoke)

Chicane – 2006 AcceleRacers – Team Colors

24/Seven – 2007 Hot Wheels Racing Series #2

The Demon – 2009 Fright/Scary Car Series/5-Pack (there’s no similarity in-game)

Phantom Racer – 2005 White Heat Series #4 (with PR5 wheels)

16 Angels – 2007 Heat Fleet 5-Pack (there’s a different flame style from the game)

Super Tsunami – 2006 Drift Kings Series

Muscle Tone – 2008 Black Friday 10-Pack

Bone Shaker – 2006 First Editions #6

Battle Spec – 2006 AcceleRacers – AcceleCharged

Nitro Doorslammer – 2007 New Models 3/36

Da’Kar – Off Road Warriors Gift Pack

Hollowback – 2005 AcceleRacers – Metal Maniacs 5/9

Dieselboy – 2006 First Editions 32/60 (Black Letters Variation, no red rims)

Spine Buster – 2006 AcceleRacers – Acceleron

Power Bomb – 2006 AcceleRacers – Team Colors

Speed Bump – 2006 V-Drop Track Set

Shadow Mk IIa – 2005 Hot Wheels Racing Series (in the game, it has Y5 wheels, but in the actual model, it has PR5)

And that’s all of them from which series the cars are at. I hope this helps you find the exact ones for your collection on getting them from the game, but it’ll be hard!

UPDATE: Updated the description to make it more better.

Hot Wheels: Beat That! - Xbox 360 - All Cars


  1. On the Hot Wheels wiki is said these cars have these engines aparently..

    Phantom Racer:
    V8 Shadow Full Burner

    16 Angels:
    Inline 6 Holy Victorium (this car is actually supposed to have 16 cylinders so it is unknown why it only has 6..)

  2. That's five acceleracers cars: realms spec tyte, accelecharged battle spec, team colors power bomb, some random stone buster, and hollowback.

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