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HGR First Look – Toro (Xbox One)


HGR First Look - Toro (Xbox One)


  1. Dark Souls only allows menu navigation with the D-pad, lol. I'd say that's a pretty small gripe. You were rather quiet and difficult to understand here, and it took you quite a bit longer than expected to actually get to the gameplay (ya know, to show us why the game isn't worth its price, which you'd stated like 5+ times before actually beginning… And that even took you until halfway through the video :p). Like we're not here to discuss other games or the program that brought this game to the console, so, uh.. Yeh.

    To be fair, though, you weren't lying–the game is absolute trash. I just wish I could've found that out with concise, on-topic commentary rather than waiting through five minutes of you telling me what I can easily see for myself from half a minute of gameplay. Thank you for trying, though, and I hope your channel has improved since the release of this video. Have a fantastic day :3

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