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Grow Up Review

Grow Up Review


  1. They forgot the most important point: How does this game make you feel?

    For me: Happy 🙂

    Im a 28 year old man and this game just fills me with simple bliss. The soundtrack is soothing, the colours vibrant, and gameplay is simply a joy without frustration.

    Simply a fun game that makes you happy 🙂

  2. LOVE this Game! 😀 An actual fun Ubi title! 😮

    I really feel more of the big AAA Developer Houses/Publishers should let
    small splinter-teams acheive smaller titles like this…I get the
    feeling that there's loads of real talent at these studios, just stuck
    into huge departments working on huge projects where no-one persons
    unique talents & ideas can shine through, often creating apathy in
    the staffers involved….Plus I imagine it's (comparatively) cheap to
    produce, with all the needed tools/skills already on-site.

    PLUS it gives these massive, anonymous AAA mongo-corps some much needed 'friendlyness' Kudos.

    And there's definitely a gap in the market that's not being taken advantage of, between the tiny 'indie' titles and immensely huge 'AAA' titles….Call them 'A' games maybe (I would call Demon/Dark Souls an example of an 'A' game – not indie, but not a massive AAA $200 mil title either)

  3. One thing that hasn't come up in many reviews is that this game is pretty damn short. I got it last night and I've already finished it, so just keep that in mind if you want to pick it up. Great fun but over really fast.

  4. I cannot believe Grow Home is now a franchise and a universe consisting of two games, merchandise and fan community.In just one year of existence.

  5. to get it clear, this is a sequel to grow home, which is a game that came out almost a year ago

  6. Damn, that's a fastly released sequel, less than a year after the first game 🙂 .

    Sure the PC version of Grow Home came out in February 2015, but it only came out on PS4 last September (and it's only a couple of months since it was added to PS Plus) and on Linux last November, while this game came out on all platforms this week 🙂 .

  7. I use the plants literally all of the time… It makes it a lot easier to get to high places quickly.

  8. I hated Grow home after about an hour of playing. Half the time I'd climb something and Bud would just let go for no particular reason. I could swear he did it on purpose the stubborn little bastard.

  9. One thing that hasn't come up in many reviews is that this game is pretty damn short. I got it last night and I've already finished it, so just keep that in mind if you want to pick it up. Great fun but over really fast.

  10. Considering the amount of effort needed to complete the game, Ubi could have added a Platinum trophy. In fact now that EVERY game released on the PS4 can have a platinum (unlike the PS3 days) and taking into account the millions of trophy hunters, it's bad business not to.
    Personally, if there are two great (digital) games I want to play, both the same price and both equally respected, yet one had a platinum while the other had a handful of bronze and a token silver or gold trophy; I would buy the platinum trophy game first and wait for the inevitable 70% off before buying the other game (which is usually 4 weeks for platinum free games, against 4 months for the titles with platinums). For me it's win win, I still get both games. But for the developer with zero understanding of the market trend they sadly lose out on cash and probable sales too.

  11. You do realize that you can delete a plant by holding the trigger and pressing B, right?

  12. "on this episode of things that never happen: ubisoft makes a good game that doesn't require uplay."

    btw, great review as always, karak.

  13. so i cant see it in your footage and have to ask
    did you get the glider?

    i feel like the game opens up after you do and could save you from your climbing woes

  14. For the issue with dropping plants on undiscovered plants, you know that if you grab a plant and press B, you pluck them and they go away, right? You could've just pulled out the ones you accidentally put down. It teaches you that right when it teaches about planting.

  15. glad they didn't screw this one up, and that planet looks fantastic. A shame about the save points though, I much prefer some form of diablo style return to base/position marker for when you run out of time to play and have other things to do.

  16. I finished the game in 5 hours.. after that I wanted to grow the trees and collect the diamonds.
    I stopped and started the game back up and my save game is gone

  17. You can remove all the plants that are placeable even if you didn't plant them. So if you ever accidentally plant something in your way you can just remove it.

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