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Getting new Xbox 360 – what about my saved data?


So my old 360 is freezing/crashing etc, so I’m replacing it with the guarantee I have. However, what about my gamer profile and saved games? I bought the official 360 memory card off eBay today, so will that be all I need to transfer my data?

How will I set up my old profile on my new console? Just transfer it from the memory card?

And I know about the special cable to transfer data from one Xbox hard drive to another, but obviously I won’t have both 360s together, so can’t do that.

Any help would be apprechiated.

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  1. No need for a memory card.

    You can use the recover gamertag facility to move your gamertag details to your new Xbox 360. Just remember to do this BEFORE you start downloading your demo games again.

  2. save it all to the memory card then put that card in the new 360 it will all be there just copy it all to the hard drive the only gamer tag i use is my xbox live one so when that happened to me i got mine back by migrating my live account to the new one

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