Home Videos GameStop Retro Game Trade-In Prices Revealed? #CUPodcast

GameStop Retro Game Trade-In Prices Revealed? #CUPodcast


GameStop Retro Game Trade-In Prices Revealed? #CUPodcast

Gamestop Lawsuit Over Used Games Prices

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  1. i saw a youtuber that took a earthbound snes game to gamestop just to see what they would offer they offered $25 for it of course he walked away

  2. In other videos they say they have to make money because it'a a business but a fairly common practice is for employees to buy rare games from the customer or the company for a good bargain. So the store won't sell that rare flinstones and lose profit even though they say it doesn't hurt them. Thats very hippacritic. Snipe all you wan't it doesn't hurt business right and it's totally fair since employees can snipe it off the customer or the companies inventory for a good price or choose to sell it for the store for high profit even though theres no sniping for customers even in the god damn parking lot.

  3. Going on what Ian said at the end, theirs two game stops in the town I'm in Alaska, no One there knew it was going on.

  4. Those sheets leaked directly from a Gamestop. I Manage two stores. Secondly you two idiots don't know anything about business. This company created the video games resell market almost 30 years ago. Stick to playing games we will stick to selling them morons.

  5. so where is this list and what are the prices for sale and buy ?.. show me the actual list…

  6. I also think they do not want the publicity of some of the prices they would be offering. "$100 store credit for Dinosaur Peak? Are you fucking kidding me?!" News of something like that would get around really fast. GameStop gives crap credit rates because they specialize in picking-up modern games players just beat when they are wanting a new game and don't really care about how much they get. But something like rare retro games have very specific market prices, and I think anything GameStop could realistically offer (obviously they could offer more, but we know they wouldn't) would feel to the people who are interested in retro games like a slap in the face.

  7. Retro prices won't go down just because of Gamestop sells them. Gamestop only cares about their profit. Lower prices doesn't make sense for Gamestop to do that. Amazon and eBay will still be the best way to go for retro needs.

  8. Gamestop are scumbags and are a huge reason why many developers are out of business. They constantly push their employees to sell used games and even threaten their jobs if their numbers dip too low. Know why? Because if you buy a used game, Gamestop gets 100 percent profit, and the developers don't get a fucking dime. The companies that put assholes like gamestop in business and work their balls off to make these titles that we love then get shit on by this bullshit corporation. But people keep on buying because A) They don't know better and/or B) because most of them are dumb enough to think that 5 dollar savings is really going to help their lives, as they've been told by companies like Gamestop. Ive been a poor college student that was literally living off of oatmeal and canned fish, and 5 dollars was not a big fucking deal. You're not living in mudhuts. If you can afford to even think about luxuries like games, savings like that shouldn't mean the world. Support developers, yknow…the ones that actually provide the hobby we love

  9. Of course the pilot is unorganized…..THIS IS GAMESTOP WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE!!!  A company that gives you about 1/3rd the price of a brand new game (even if its just a day old) in STORE CREDIT ONLY (even less if you take cash).  They don't care about cases, they sell USED games as new and only $5 off retail prices and half the time you don't get your DLC codes with games that had them!

  10. Gamespot is going to see its not worth the hassle and I bet they kill the program within 6 months.

  11. the game stop near me used to sell retro games. i guess it was left over stock they had from funkoland.

  12. I have the current list for snes from Gs. it's No good.
    they are selling Chrono trigger for 89.99. and if they don't have a sku. the games are worth five cent. to them.

  13. i just saw where they're selling an N64 for 50 bucks. i can go down the street and buy them for 27 and a free game all day long!

  14. GameStop to me is nothing but a bunch of bullshitters and liars cause they lied to me about my order being a Killer Instinct Definitive Edition New never used and they sent me a used pre owned that hardly works and has a cd that skips alot and the game that crashes to much when i'm far ahead in a good match being close of being done

  15. Interesting story, I had a similar situation with GameStop. I bought a used copy of BF3 Premium with a "new DLC code" only it didn't work so I returned it and bought a new copy and that code didn't work. After spending 2 weeks on the phone between GameStop, Microsoft, and EA I finally got the content that I paid for (from Microsoft for free) and GameStop sent me a $40.00 gift card for the inconvenience. (EA basically told me to go fuck myself)

  16. gamestop buys your game and sells it  for way more than 50% of what they give you more like 85% more than what they paid you for it 

  17. I got i new ipod 2nd generatoin 8 gig from them and i looked up what they would give me and it sayed "recycled". and if i gave them the original box it came with and the charger cord and it had to be in perfect conditoin they would give me 1 cent. Its absolute bullshit.

  18. Still don't happened to me with arkham city, had to buy catwomen, and harley quinn dlc separate plus the used game felt so dumb. 

  19. I traded in: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Infinite Undiscovery, Fable 2, and Persona 4 Arena. I only got $18 with 50% more in- store credit. $18! That's it!

  20. I had to learn these things first hand, I believe that the margins should be narrower but whos going to make them do that? So I probably spent more on video games than nearly anyone in my town last generation, and this generation gamestop gets none of that money. The End

  21. @Louie Gino, Fuck that dude, if you have 70 games sell them at amazon or ebay. You can make SO much more money doing it that way.

  22. Ya I don't like the trade in values at all…. they just don't give you enough for your old games. Hell most of the games I traded in I didn't really play anymore, so its fine but I got so little in store credit for it… hell most of those games in total I paid was at least over 100$ they gave me 15$

  23. I was like wtf 40 and took my system removed the sticker took me 5mins and got 80 they are a joke

  24. I also traded in my xbox slim and was goin to trade fo 80 and thats cheap therr was a sticker on it and told we they give me 40 for it cause of labor to take of

  25. I hope that company goes under. It sucks that they keep a game Like COD used copy, five dollars under the original release price the same until the next one comes out. When they only give 35 dollars back or less than that the older a game gets. They've ripped off so many people. FUck'em

  26. I gave GameStop 300 dollars worth of games and they tried to buy it from me for 45 fucking dollars, fuck that shit.

  27. Well a real dick move is they've been opening new games to call them pre owned allowing them to price it for more than the 60 bucks. They are doing this for Xenoblade Chronicles.

  28. it must have been rrod, no power chord, no controller, no av or composite cables, or a hard drive. I got about 50 to 60 bucks for a working xbox without a hard drive, but I had a play and charge kit, wireless controller, av cable, component cables, and a wireless controller.

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