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Fracture Xbox 360 Trailer


Fracture Xbox 360 Trailer


  1. @1998trevergray what happened? All of a sudden you left the game, and you dissapeared from my friends list :O

  2. if anyone plays this on live add me so i can play with you PracticalLemonl its lower case L at the end not 1 its l

  3. @RamonSanchez14 BFBC 2 isn't even one of the best looking games at all and Halo 3 is 3 years old and at the time looked really good…..Want an awesome looking game, GOW 3, Gear OW 1 & 2, Halo Reach, Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2…Compared to those games BFBC 2 is fuzzy and has some very bad textures…LOVE BF though Dont get me wrong haha…I have two copies of it 😀

  4. I actually just got this game yesterday. It's a very intriguing game and I like it so far. Favorite thing to do is smash the bad guys with spike grenades. It's sad that the Midwest got pwned by global climate change though. >:

  5. bit of a crap trailer rlly they shoulda put in the trench jump cos that looks epic and the vehicle. black widow would have been cool as well

  6. This is very early in production. The boulder looks cooler now, there are a shit load of weapons. It's much more action packed then this. Then only REAL thing I don't like it the A.I…. they are dumb as fuck. The mutliplayer is awesome, I just wish more people played… 🙁

    Anybody who plays online add me: ABotelho

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