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Fifa 08 cheats – money


Fifa 08 cheats - money

How To Cheat with FIFA 08


  1. I created this file, named it mcity (that's my manager mode name) played a home match and nothing changed

  2. This is for everybody who dont know how to create .ini file!!!
    1st! Open Notebook!
    2nd! Write your money and that stuff!
    3rd! Save that text,but when zou must write name of file type for example 'Old PcGamer.ini' and save it in FIFA 08 directory!
    Greetings from Serbia!

  3. All you need to hack fifa 08 is to go to this site cheat happens (fifa 08 trainer) and download the file.

  4. man i dont know wat version i live in los angeles….plus i cant download the patch #2 for online play

  5. i downloaded some sort of patch with leagues from croatia, serbia, bosnia and stuff. i don't know where i got it

  6. ako jesi hrvat kak si nabavio onaj cro fc
    if youre not croatian how did you get that CROFC?

  7. Thanks dude it workt

    And if your dutch

    Dankje wel man eindelijk een gevonden TYTYTYTYTYTYYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYT

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