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Fallout 4 – PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison [FullHD][60fps]


Fallout 4 – PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison [FullHD][60fps]


  1. my 2000$ beautiful rig recently got fried in an electrical storm, so I decided to buy a ps4 in the mean time. as someone who is used to extreme gaming, playing on console isn't that bad. the graphics and frames may not be as good, but in the end if you really enjoy the game it wont matter (:

  2. PC = PC WILL ALWAYS BEAT CONSOLES (I Play Fo4 in consoles )
    Xbox One = Not The best graphics… But mods can modify everything.
    Ps4 = Not The Best graphics but it will always look like shit… Cuz, No Mods.


    PC = Awesome!

    Xbox One = Its Good!

    Ps4 = Bad

    (Personal opinion)

  3. XBOX – 1 / PS4 – 2 / PC – 3. PC jedynie prowadzi w detalach na dalszą odległość. XBOX – najładniejsza kolorystyka. Jakby nie spieprzyli PS4 to by nie wypuszczali PS4 Pro.

  4. Yes p.c. is better. It will always be better, for obvious reasons. But I myself, am not tech obessed, I work 50 hours a week, I have alot of personal responsibilities as well. I don't have the time or energy to sit down and do the research on all this stuff, plus I'd rather not spend the money on all the extra stuff a p.c. requires. I just like to play games like fallout on my down time. Hell, the only game I'm really looking forward to this year is south park and the fractured butt whole. I'm 28 years old, lol. Yes I know it's dated tech. Yes I notice frame drops. But I don't care enough for these things to bother me. A console is cheap, a console is convenient, a console is simpe. I know if I have a console I'm going to get pretty much all the aaa games I want, I know I'm going to get some exclusives to, sry but yes, naughty dog stole my heart with the last gen. Is p.c. gaming superior tech wise. Absolutely, hands down, no argument. If I had more money and free time I'd be a p.c. elitest. But I have neither, and alot of people have neither. And that's why consoles exist, that's why they are not going anywhere.

  5. Lets face it PC is for people who are snobby and want to flaunt there money. Oh yeah look at me I spent over a $1000 on my PC just to play a $20 game

  6. What really matters is story, gameplay, stable fps and the most important FUN not the graphics.

  7. PC has much better draw distances and foliage detail. Console versions seem empty/bare.

  8. right everyone talking about graphics and shit and im over here still not seeing a difference….

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