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Evolution Of PlayStation Hardware (PS1 to PS4)


Evolution Of PlayStation Hardware (PS1 to PS4)

In Theory: Could Sony Boost PS4 PRO Specs To Bring It Closer To Xbox One Scorpio’s?


  1. PlayStation is only exist do the Nintendo trashed project. So basically it's Nintendo bastard son. 😛

  2. Anyone take a last gen console (Wii) disc in ur hand and hold it by the rim and then hold the new gen console disc (Wii u) and hold it by the rim of the disc u will notice he Wii disc is more pointy nod the Wii u disc is more smooth anyone know why? I don't but it's really cool

  3. I'll laugh if scorpio is going to be expensive as fuck making gamers to just build a pc

  4. A less powerful console released a year earlier is acceptable. It would have a advantage in game library,developer support, and hardware numbers to compete with a more powerful console. The scorpio will not enjoy the advantage over the ps4 pro that the ps4 had over the xbox one because they are not releasing at the same time.

  5. didn't have a console since the first xbox360 but after 3 rings of death I just bought a PC, while I love the power we can have there are not many cool exclusive games, the only one that comes to my mind that really took advantage of the technology of PC was Crysis and that was like 10 years ago and now Star Citizen that no one knows when is gonna launch. Consoles run the gaming market obviously and PC just get the port that's a little bit more powerful, but ultimately consoles have so many cool exclusive games that I just want to play so much since PS3 was around, like god of war and metal gear and the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year, PC players are lucky when they get a mutiplatform game. THAT is the only reason I'll be getting a Ps4, in the end the graphics of the PC are cool and everything but the fun you get playing the exclusive games is amazing, so yeah pc masterrace is cool but we can't play god of war or uncharted.

  6. specs boosted! Cerny has added some VERY choice technology and several from VEGA that aren't even coming out in regular GPU for a while. Face it it's an 8.4TFLOP PS4. and ps4 will be at 70,000,000 consoles by Scorpio release. Xbox still hasn't even outsold the first one!

  7. Doesn't matter what Sony does because in the end MS has time to adjust since they have another year before release. What Sony does have to bank on are games, particularly exclusives. That will keep them in the market lead until the PS5 releases.

  8. I will say this that's the best outlandish PR I've ever heard by a Sony Rep. Everyone knows by now that the Scorpio is going to be a more capable machine spec wise.

  9. Of coarse they will, that's guaranteed to happen a year after launch just before the cancerous Scorpio gets held back for a few months, due to low pre orders…

  10. I have a 4k TV… but fuck 4k, I'll have it at 1080p with added textures and fps then have my TV upscale it. an upscale 1080p image is still better than a 1080p image. Best of both.

  11. i just want to play rainbow six siege upscaled. thats my favorite game with the highest replay vaule. Sony should make this thing a "Beast" to shut up all the negative feedback.

  12. Then xbox fanboys have been loosing there shit on youtube lol they are so fucking salty and butt hurt keep praising a console that they no nothing about

  13. In theory: Could Sony release a firmware update that would enable users to disable the VR social screen in order to free up more memory/power/whatever to improve performance with VR games?

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