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Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?

Fanboys…FIGHT! What’s the BEST current gen console? Is it Sony’s Playstation 4, or Microsoft’s Xbox One? PS4 or XBONE? Dual Shock or …uh…Xbox Controller? Which console has the nicest graphics, the best exclusive games, the most value for your money? Which is ready for VR, 4K and whatever the future may bring? Well, either way, there’s gonna be some RAGE in the comments, so let’s get this show underway! Welcome to http://Watchmojo.com, and today we’re counting pitting the Playstation 4 Vs. the Xbox One!

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Xbox One Vs PS4! Which is the Best Console?

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  1. This got recommended to me… holy shit has it been that long? i remember when you first uploaded the video..

  2. So… I am planning to buy a PS4… But the thing is… I plan to buy 4 games… Watch Dogs 2 (still not sure), GTA V, Uncharted Nathan Drake collection, and Uncharted 4: A thief's end.. But that takes 150+ GB…. And I'm still planning to buy like Persona 5 and all that… So which one do I buy? 500GB or 1TB

  3. pls someone help me i bought the battlefront darth vader edition ps4, sinds it came out and i know its kinda hot sometimes but i haven't had such big issues soo this video gave me a regret feeling wich is not nice to have soo please someone help me. (i am serious) 🙁

  4. nothing in wrong with buying a ps4 pro.I buy a ps4 slim.all I want is to play the games

  5. i have the slim and it barley makes a sound i absolutely enjoy that . i play shooters but put volume low to avoid hearing so much noise and it is bliss super quiet. it does get a little warm around the power connection but what works for me is sitting it on a glass table it helps the heat pass and not get trapped under the system .its just plain glass thin glass though i think tempered glass would not work

  6. can any1 help me…500 or 1tb?? and a lil description of hw many games can 500gb handle

  7. My 1TB is Matt finish, think red dragon has a garage full of 500gb ps4 to sell, besides you can now use external drives with ps4

  8. I own a PlayStation 4 1TB and nothing happens when playing it for a long time so whats the big deal about PS4 1TB?

  9. This video was giving me the choice of what console to get for my bday. I really wanted PS4 so I got lucky and proved my friends wrong!!

  10. Really. PS4 wins over round two because of vr. That is trash. Lol. Also, let's not forget how truly trash the PlayStation controller is and always has been. Touch pad is a joke but OOOOOOOOOOO THERES A SPEAKER IN THE CONTROLLER

  11. None of them are better in gaming. Not even a PC, nor a Wii. They belong to a family called 'COMPUTERS' for fuck sake.

  12. Thanks, I went and wasted $400 for a piece of shit console that had "better games" I bought uncharted, $60 down the drain. I'm going to go buy an xbox

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