Home Playstation Games Datura Walkthrough – Part 1 (PSN) Gameplay

Datura Walkthrough – Part 1 (PSN) Gameplay


Datura Walkthrough - Part 1 (PSN) Gameplay


  1. this game I believe is about taking datura seeds or ingesting the datura plant and going into the hospital until you are sent to a different place where reality is a new term, I think, I will look up the story line and hopefully find it

  2. 12:30 While you make me wonder what side of the road you SHOULD be driving on I can't help but get the feeling that you will hit that pig you met earlier xD
    13:09 O_____O PSYCHIC! 😯

  3. I like that there is a near infinite amount of moths EVERYWHERE! xD
    05:10 Oh! well look at that, the holy grail, fascinating! *moves on without any desire to retrieve it*
    05:25 Oh, far out! There's a human trapped under here! *moves on once again*

  4. Wow… used this to help myself out… But I don't understand how you got to that driving part… It doesn't let me do anything around there…. Ugh, So much for another f*cking easy 100% to add……

  5. that driiving part is so freakin glitched…. it doesnt follow the gamepad at all. I ended up with almost playing diagonally upsidedown to get the guy to drive almost perfect. And I missed the pg too which ended exactly the same way here… skip to an almost 360 and then see a truck driving towards you, little piggy standing between him and you.

  6. All the game is about Datura trip, amazing, powerfull but as you see – so damn riscy (He's driving to the hospital.) It's definitly something new, something that haven't came out before.Big experiment by Plastic studio.

  7. that flower at the beginning was a datura plant lol so i guess this guy ate it so now he's high?

  8. Does anybody know the name of the song from the beginning?Please pm me if you do.Thanks in advance!

  9. this is what i like about PSN exclusives, sometimes you find a special, unique title such as this one, experimental games that dare to try new things

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