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CowBoom – Unboxing Used Xbox One Console


CowBoom - Unboxing Used Xbox One Console

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  1. I've been considering buying an Xbox One from Cowboom, but it seems as if none of the consoles come with a controller. Is this the norm or do they sell them with the controllers on occasion?

  2. Today-9-30-2015, I found out ComBoom is having 2 day 20% off sale going on, use the code: BOOM20

    Goes from 9-30-15 to 10-1-15.

    Have a blessed one!

  3. Hey buddy i really appreciate the video, i was just introduced to cowboom.com and i am really happy that i was! I was discouraged at first because every single listing was the same but i checked again early in the morning today and to my surprise there were aton of different listings! I wanted to cry when i realized that i was 6 bucks short on a console that came with a controller, power cord, usb cord and warranty. Ill will definitely be on the hunt thursday night since i get paid then. Do you have any tips on scoring great deals? or finding the sweet coupon deals? because ive seen people score the 100 dollar off ones. God bless and look forward to hearing from you

  4. Just saw today– 8-31-2015, that CowBoom has the used Xbox One price back down to $199.99, might want to check them out! I don't know how long the deal is going for, so check them out before they sell out. Have a blessed one!

  5. one question though does the console work good even if its used cause i heard some rumors that the console doesn't work well when its pre owned

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