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Costume Quest 2 Review


Costume Quest 2 Review


  1. "It forces you to run back to healing fountains to heal you up"… yes, in exchange of NOT forcing you to carry healing items and running back to save points. Try to come up with a better argument next time.

  2. Personally all of them seem great, Tower of monsters is a great game and Letterquest seems like a very interesting and fun game.

  3. Feels like IGN speaks on behalf of dem modern kids who get quickly annoyed when games force them to figure out stuff themselves instead of moving from point A to point B follownig the detailed in-game instructions.
    If you think this game has map problems, then first three projects of TES series will give you an apoplectic strike.

  4. Aw geez…. This game sounds like it's right up my alley!
    Unfortunately, that one fault in the game is a pretty big one, y'know?

  5. Only 2:50 mins…. wow thats pathetic, im sorry but, how can one elaborate or anything. YouTubers 20-40 min reviews all the way.

  6. Does anyone know when the console versions are gonna be out? For some reason I thought it was tomorrow, the 14th, but a lot of places online have it as releasing on Halloween itself.

  7. I played the first one and enjoyed it, guess I'm playing this one around Halloween time

  8. First game was awesome, haven't played the second one but seriously it's a very different idea for an rpg that still keeps to classic gameplay

  9. Sadly my computer's kind of old now and I can't play CQ2 at full which is annoying as it lags even on low settings…

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