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Classic Game Room – TOP GUN for PS3 review


Classic Game Room - TOP GUN for PS3 review


  1. plane combat games are all either WW2 or fiction future for some reason like war over europe and one or two are pacifc but mostly erope and there is on over vietnam but thats all of them pc carries most of them console needs mor flight combat games and flight sims in general micosoft flight sim x for XBOXone pr XPLANE for PS4

  2. I am so passed Arcade style combat flight games. The next flying game I buy will actually be something like FSX or Xplane10. As someone who loves aviation I also think the PS3 is totally capable of supporting an actual flight sim. Especially after the flying mission in Battlefield 3. At least the newer versions will be able to. I'm not sure about the older 40 and 80GB systems.

  3. I love plane combat games but they are just all way too alike. Activision or some developer needs to make a breakthrough great graphics and realistic plane game, this, ace combat, hawx, they're all the same!!

  4. You mean Sukhoi Su-27 Flankers? The naval variant is the Su-33 (NATO designation Flanker-D), a fleet defence interceptor for use on aircraft carriers.

  5. Wait, that green fighter on the carrier deck is an Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon, a single-engine multi-role, but not a carrier-capable aircraft (needs an arrester hook, among other things).

  6. I need help, for some reason my R2 accelerate and R1 brake is not working, does any1 else have this prob?

  7. I'll just stick to the movie and Ace Combat, but Mark sure does make me enjoy the reviews ^_^

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