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can xbox controllers work through carbon fibre?


I’m looking to build a kind of hidden shelf/box into my wall that would house the xbox, ps3, cable box etc that you can push in, and it opens so you can change your disk etc. I know that the xbox controllers work through radio signals and if the door to the box was closed the controllers would be unusable as the radio signals cannot travel through materials like wood/brick etc, so i thought about carbon fibre, would radio signals be able to travel through carbon fibre, if not does anyone know of anything other materials that radio waves do travel through? but not glass, i don’t want to use glass. Also i realise i could leave the door to the box open but i would prefer it if it worked through the door.


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  1. Have you thought about your consoles overheating in the hidden box-like shelf? Before continuing any further into the project I think you should look into that.

    A console, especially Xbox + PS3, would both need a sufficient amount of space to “breathe”. If not your consoles will overheat within a week.

    Along with the carbon fibre question, I have no clue. It’d be best for you to test that somehow. I think it would though.

  2. The radio signals should be able to travel through any material that doesn’t have a significant amount of metal in it. Wood should be fine and brick could work. Though I don’t know why you would make such an enclosure out of brick. I live in a brick house and my cell phone gets it’s radio signals through those materials. I also hope you are considering the need for ventilation when building this enclosure. You could cause your Xbox to RRoD. The only common building material that might cause problems is stucco. Because stucco sticks to a chicken wire mesh which can create a Faraday cage, and basically radio isolate whatever is inside of it. Distance is your primary concern, not material. There controllers are only guaranteed to work up to 30 feet. Don’t exceed that, and I’d say you’d be fine to use almost any building material that isn’t metal in nature (nails and screws won’t affect anything). If you have the money to spend on Carbon Fiber, that would look totally bad *!

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