Home Videos Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Look Both Ways & Wheelman Guides

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Look Both Ways & Wheelman Guides


Ray shows you how to get the “Look Both Ways” & “Wheelman” achievements in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the Xbox One.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Look Both Ways & Wheelman Guides


  1. for tips bout wheelman for advantage, u can use over drive for better driving where u can dodge obstacles and turning tight corners, believe me it works

  2. wheelman is easiest to get, just die at a checkpoint and then dont hit anything on the last checkpoint

  3. I can't get it… Idk if it's glitch or what. I didn't even shoot a single bullet and still didn't get it :/

  4. Mines is bugged, I have done this countless times and I'm not getting it! Anyone else finding this problem?

  5. Ok so playing this on veteran and when I die and start back up from the checkpoint, I lose my exo abilities (overdrive, shield) is this a glitch or wtf?

  6. If you're trying to get this achievement on Xbox One here's a tip: After you capture the doctor and before you are ambushed by KVA (the guys in the yellow hazmat suit) there is a checkpoint. It should be at the set of stairs. Save and quit your game there. Then carry on an attempt to get the achievement. If you fail, before the mission is over hit the guide button and completely exit out of the game via the start button (the three lined button) and relaunch the game. If done properly you should spawn in the location before you were ambushed. Rinse and repeat. Thumbs up so everybody can see.

  7. I did it right I just didn't get my achievement until after that miss on which is still fine

  8. Finally got this the fourth try. I kept landing on one of those cars driving in front of the hover bike after a jump.

  9. When Ray checked the description for the last achievement it showed on his friends list who got it and it showed someone named AHNyquil. Anyone have any idea who that might be? I can only assume it's someone from AH but can't for the life of me think of who it might be, maybe someone's alt/work account or something?

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