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Buying An Xbox360 In The Philippines


The kids needed something for Christmas and this year it was a one ticket item, an XBOX360 with Kinect. We searched SM City Mall in Cebu from top to bottom in pursuit of the best deal. Many shops were sold out of had the 4GB model, which was a no go for me. Finally, we found a place that had the best price / combination for the money.

This video is meant to show the buying experience in the Philippines. Everything is checked for functionality before you leave the store, as they don’t want you coming back saying it doesn’t work. This isn’t like the USA where people buy stuff and return it just because they feel like it. Most sales are final here, unless the product is defective. If it works in the store, it’s not defective.

Cash is king here and most stores prefer it to credit cards for the best price. Fortunately, ATM’s and banks are at SM City Cebu.

Electronics tend to cost more here because of import tariffs. The same Xbox360 with Kinect, 250 GB and two free games can be bought cheaper in the USA, even though it was made in China. You would figure that being close to the maker would keep the price down, but not in this case.

Buying An Xbox360 In The Philippines

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  1. Meh i bought my Xbox 360 In SM Baliwag I forgot what it cost XD FUCK.. But i bought My PS4 on SM pampanga… IT COST 18.000 PESOS HOLY CRAP WOW XD HOLY SHIY OMA BRAK

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