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BATTLEFIELD PASSES COD IN GAMES SOLD (Call of Duty vs Battlefield 1. Playstation 4, PS4 Xbox One PC)


BATTLEFIELD PASSES COD IN GAMES SOLD recently. Call of duty ranks higher on some top game lists because Call of Duty has made more money because of the 33% increase price on MWR/IW combo but Battlefield 1 has more copies of the game sold. What do you think about COD vs Battlefield?
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Title – BATTLEFIELD PASSES COD IN GAMES SOLD (Call of Duty vs Battlefield 1. Playstation 4, PS4 Xbox One PC)

BATTLEFIELD PASSES COD IN GAMES SOLD (Call of Duty vs Battlefield 1. Playstation 4, PS4 Xbox One PC)

Nes CLassic Edition ,000. PlayStation 4 Crosses 50 Million Units Sold Worldwide. more than Xbox One and Wii U combined. RetroEngine Sigma AFFORDABLE NEW 4K VIDEO GAME CONSOLE ANNOUNCED.
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PlayStation 4 Crosses 50 Million Units Sold Worldwide

PlayStation 4 sales pass 50 million consoles after the brand’s strongest Black Friday ever

PlayStation 4 sales pass 50 million consoles after the brand’s strongest Black Friday ever

Sony’s PlayStation 4 exceeds 50 million sales; more than Xbox One and Wii U combined


PlayStation 4 Sales Pass 50 Million. More Than Xbox One and Wii U Combined. NES Classic ,000


  1. Call of Duty has disappointed me. I never got to play COD online since I only played it on console and had to take a laptop with me to town to play games like battlefield. I loved COD back then but now I dont even touch it. I played the hell out of 2, big red one, 3, 4, world at war, and Black ops. after that it just went downhill for me. I loved the WWII setting a lot which is why I would play the Forgotten Hope 2 mod for BF2 back in the day.

  2. the whole catering to kids is completely retarded. they're kids and will be catered towards anything adults on the other hand not so much so if you make a game catered towards adults you have a game catered towards both

  3. Fidget spinners are their main target, for the reason you spoke of…they expect them to make their parents buy the game for them so they'll behave lol. I don't mean to sound derogatory but the truth is always hard on the ears lol

  4. This video was a mistake to make… you must have been drunk or something when you made it bud, these "statistics" are just… wow… I guess you believe anything you see.

  5. WHITEBOY YOU ARE HANDS DOWN THE GOAT OF YOUTUBE COMMENTARY. MASSIVE FAN ALL THE WAY FROM CAT7THST DAYS, HIGH ROLLER WAGER MATCH DAYS. Love these WaW gameplays and your view on call of duty keep making great videos whiteboy and thankyou for keeping the cod community's spirit alive

  6. Instead of looking at dollars based of individual unit cost, let's look at total units sold. Then, let's add on the money made from supply drops on cod compared to premium's purchased on Battlefield, I guarantee battlefield still wins. The two games shouldn't even be compared on the same level, EA Dice just performs on much higher standards.

  7. Being totally honest here I haven't bought a single copy of cod since ghosts, and I own all of the Cods that came before even paid 50 bucks for big red one when it came out even when I couldn't play online. I'm a true fan that has since lost faith in cod they are just out to make cash putting out any trash they can to sell.

  8. im actually really interested in that 4k retro gaming console that looks just like the genesis, including ps1 games??? thats fucking awesome!! I would definitely wanna try that out for sure 🙂

  9. Im Not Even interested in the nes Classic… old games and Emulators are out there since late 90s/early 2000s … nothing new about it.

  10. Ok i prefer ps4 over xbox one because of exclusive and ff7, shemue and sony exclusives looks better too.

  11. Gaming console sales … ok how is ps4 gaming console against Nintendo 3ds??? Man I really used to like your channel but your Sony bias is really starting to show. You might be aggravated about Nintendo but it looks like they are still kicking it bigtime compared to Sony or Microsoft. I do agree, Nintendo has been aggravating me as well the last couple years but hey man give credit where it is due … Sony and Microsoft can't touch Nintendo.

  12. what part of colorado are you on? im in springs and all these gamestops here say they are only getting a couple nes classics in shipments/:

  13. No one gives a dam about the Wii. Not even Nintendo. Don't put it in a group with the Xbox one

  14. that emulator is kind of interesting….. but it won't happen. are people backing this?? no one is gonna give them all the rights of those systems and games.EVER!! you can do this one a PC for free however for free. don't spread that crap cause stupid people will back it. remeber the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chameleon_(video_game_console) ? that came out and was not a scam, Right?

  15. RetroEngine Sigma looks like a scam project. Some of those screenshots remind me of Retropie..which is fucking FREE. Pi's and retropie has been around for a while but you caught wind of this shit?

  16. I used to like your videos, but I am sick and tired of the past month being mostly about playstation 4 and those videos are so repetitive. When you upload a ps4 video you talk about the same thing over and over again. ITS GETTING OLD!!!

  17. You need to decrease the Volume on your intro's a bit. I always have to turn my volume down before I start your vids and then back up to hear you clearly lol. This has been an ongoing issue, but it does get old after awhile.

  18. Sony's cell phones are great. But you can't get the fucking things if you're on Verizon (the most popular US carrier). I got the one that Verizon had for a bit, and it's the best cell phone I've ever owned. (reliability, camera and everything considered)

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