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Any good Xbox 360 Multiplayer games?


So right now im so tired of call of duty and games I usually play like Gow, 2k13, Skyrim etc.

So im looking for a new game to buy, I’m really picky about my games so I’ve done research and haven’t found any good ones. I’m like looking for a good multiplayer game that can last me a while and is very entertaining. (single player can be a bonus).

Idc what kind of game it is (fps, fantasy, and all the other types =p) as long as its really fun

I can wait for a few months for a good game to come out before June but I really need one because I am bored (I have no life)

So any suggestions? =)

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  1. Mortal combat, lucha libre aaa heroes del ring is cheap, cheasy but fun, and naughty bear.

  2. The only game I can think of that you didn’t mention is Halo. It seems like the only multiplayer games that you can play for a long time without getting tired of it is COD and Battlefield. Other games can be fun only for a few days then can get really tiring. If the reason your looking for multiplayer games it to play with a friend, try co-op games such as Dead Space 3.

  3. I totally agree with GTA 4 and Red dead redemption. The other game that has a load of fun (hours of it) and even single player is Lego Star Wars. It is the only game that has multiplayer (non-same console) in the Lego realm. Plus it gives you an interesting look at the star wars movies as you have to go back to previous levels with unlocked characters to get certain stuff. It is a challenge to get it completed 100%.

  4. GTA 4 or Red Dead? If you don’t have those then you need to buy them immediately, they are essential to have. And why not Battlefield 3? BF4 isn’t coming out for like 6 more months, Battlefield 3 will offer hours of fun.

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