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Amazon delivery for Xbox One?


Has anyone ordered their Xbox one from amazon, and if so how long till it shipped?

I ordered mine last Friday and its been saying “shipping soon” for the past few days. The web page says that its guaranteed delivery by the 24th but it still hasn’t shipped and I’m concerned.

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  1. Dude, calm down, It’s not the 24th yet so it’s ging to be fine. when i order my stuff it always gets there in time, when you don’t get it on the 24th, then you should start worrying.

  2. If they say guaranteed delivery by the 24th, they mean it’ll be delivered by the 24th.

    If it’s shipped, they will send you an additional email with a link you can click to track where the package is (not very useful since it’ll just say “In transit” most of the time. 😉 )

    Anyways, I ordered a PS Vita last Friday, with a guaranteed delivery by Monday. It shipped on Saturday and arrived Sunday morning. So I have doubt that if Amazon says “By the 24th” they’ll get it to you by the 24th.

    Now if we reach the 21st or 22nd and it still hasn’t shipped.then you can start getting nervous. Until then, enjoy some hot cocoa and family time.

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