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A Look at Heavy Rain For the Playstation 3


One game that is garnering a huge amount of attention recently is PlayStation 3’s Heavy Rain. Released next month, this title is certainly unique amongst its peers in the gaming industry. Whereas we’re used to seeing the same old genres heated up and revisited, Heavy Rain is a game which almost defies classification.

PlayStation 3’s Heavy Rain is certainly not a video game in the traditional sense. Best explained as a kind of ‘interactive movie’ the game revolves around a series of events which are tweaked or affected by player decisions or input. Now, we have seen this kind of title before, like in old games such as Fahrenheit, but never before has it been done in such scope.

Players will control everything from mundane tasks to rip-roaring highway chases. One part even tasks you with applying a female character’s makeup. Everything in this latest PlayStation 3 hit is interactive down to incredible detail. As such, the game offers massive replay value and multiple endings.

The sixaxis controller is also put to great use in this title, replicating the situations onscreen to a great degree. Fearful situations such as a sudden attack will see the controller vibrate and the buttons confuse themselves to reflect real life panic. This particular PS3 title helps you feel like you’re really in the game, which is what most games strive for.

Doubtless the Heavy Rain game will divide audiences. The pace is plodding at times and the lack of constant action will test those more used to conventional games. On the other hand, it is a brave venture into a new form of entertainment and may well pave the way for more like it in the future. PlayStation 3’s Heavy Rain should definitely provide many talking points when it is released!

Rich Thorp is a gaming and comics specialist with an unnerving interest in the Goo Goo Dolls. You can easily find out more about Heavy Rain and the latest [url not allowed] online!

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