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5 New Playstation VR Games You Need To Look Out For


5 New Playstation VR Games You Need To Look Out For


  1. Farpoint is so good!!! Cant wait for call of duty for vr! Or war games! Fking riffle feels legit! I took a motion sickness pill it helps!

  2. psvr is having worst games ever…only one game is good and that is resident evil 7…that it rest all of the games are for 4yr old kids

  3. I got PSVR at launch, absolutely love it. I don't have a ton of games for it, Currently have Batman, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Resident Evil 7, a few free games and demos, and am currently borrowing VR Worlds. Oddly enough the only time I had any issues with motion sickness was with a video on the Vrideo app that was up at launch, was only one of the videos that did it though. I am about to try and get Farpoint, excited for that one. Before watching this video I haddn't heard of Persistance, but it definately looks good.

  4. maybe next time they'll pick someone who is grateful to be trying new games, and doesn't sound bored

  5. I've had the psvr since day 1. I can say that, at first, it was rough, but now it's gaining ground. Xbox needs the scorpio to compete, psvr is taking the VR fanatics and is relatively cheap compared to other VR devices. Great to see a company taking such a risk

  6. Love my PSVR. Thanks for your relaxed and easy going reviews and easy listening background music. Video A+

  7. starblood arena would be awesome if matchmaking actually worked properly

  8. This dude doesn't sound very enthusiastic about any of these games. They need someone with enthusiasm and excitement. This guy sounds like he was just ready to get the video over with. He even talks down Farpoint. And I've seen this game and its awesome!

  9. waste of fucking money im not online with mine so i cnt buy any of the games that are out apart ftom the wank launch games and res 7…..

  10. PS VR surely is incredible but sadly i can only play for roughly 30-45 mins AT MOST before i feel so dizzy that i have to take a 40 min break each Time.
    The first time i used PS VR i felt pretty sick and dizzy for 1 and a half day.
    It very slowly gets gradually better but at this point it will take ages before i can play it without getting dizzy and almost puking.

  11. This gives me hopes for the VR. Starblood Arena seems like a motion sickness issue judging by my personal experiences with VR games, but Farpoint and all the others look super intuitive

  12. Whats good everybody? 1st and hopefully last time I'm ever greeted like that hopefully

  13. Super keen for Fantastic contraption. Move controller games are the best. I might invest in Farpoint also. We need more AAA games! I think we have enough horror and barf simulators for a while 😛

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