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11 KILLS! – World of Tanks PS4 – VK 36.01 (H) – Live Reaction & gameplay!


Some epic WoT PS4 Gameplay with Ben picking up his first EVER Pools Medal in World of Tanks Console with live commentary!
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11 KILLS! - World of Tanks PS4 - VK 36.01 (H) - Live Reaction & gameplay!


  1. Any tips for a new guy? I was never good friends with game pads and now I bought PS4 and I'm really struggling at the moment…

  2. A buddy of mine recommended this game to me and this is the first video I came across, and I actually like this game , plus your channel man! you've gained a new subscriber!

  3. This game graphically looks absolutely fantastic compared to PC. The PC devs cant graphically develop their game for shit.

  4. yup the 3601 is still just as good as i remember her being, nice white knuckle game.

  5. Battle with low skill players who stands in place like ass and wait for dmg. Players on ps4 are worse than on xone where in V tier game u can meet some 25k battles gamers.

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