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Xbox 360 Ring on Disc Help!?


I was playing NHL on my Xbox 360 and then all of sudden in the middle of my game it said disc unreadable. Now I had moved my Xbox off the floor like a half hour before but then played a full game before it said disc unreadable. It now has a full ring around the outside of the disc.

Is there anyways to actually fix this? I heard toothpaste or Chapstick, but I’ve had friends who did that and it destroyed the disc.

Could I possibly borrow a friends disc download the game to my Xbox and then play? Or that doesn’t work?

I got it at gamestop and those cheap bastards probably won’t give me a new one and I can’t fathom the idea of paying another 60$ for this BS.

Thanks for anyones help!

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  1. It could work if you borrow a game, install it and use your disc to play provided your disc is readable enough for the initial security check.

    That type of scratch is not fixable. This question is also asked daily on here.

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