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Xbox 360 Overheating – Why it Happens


When your Xbox 360 overheating error happens, it is a sign that your game console is getting too much heat and could not be able to ventilate the air the comes inside it. The main reason besides the one mentioned is also due to the fact that your system console is already overused and you have to give it time to rest also.

To be able to know if your Xbox 360 is overheating is indicated by the three red lights flashing around the power button of your system console. Once this occurs, you would notice that your box becomes very hot and the next symptom of this is to check if your game will freeze or if your power supply also gets hot. Of course, encountering this problem will enable you to look for solutions to be able to resolve this problem.

Solutions to this problem are very easy and you would be able to follow it even if you have no knowledge in fixing your own game console.

• Check the position of your game console and assure that it has enough space where air could ventilate in and out of it.
• Do not place anything on top or beside the game console to avoid any breakage or pressure that may be a cause for the overheating of the box.
• Check the power supply if the light is green or red. A red light on the power supply means that it is receiving too much current, so you can attach it to an AVR to be able to control the current that comes in to it.
• Buy a cooling fan or a clip-on fan to help out the air to ventilate properly in your game box. Be careful if you are going to install one inside your box for you might screw back the parts too tight which will be another cause of error in your game console.
• Give your Xbox 360 a break once in a while so that you would be able to control the heat that comes in of it. It is better to rest for a while rather than to wait for the overheating problem to arise.

These are very simple remedies to be able to fix your own gaming console. Always remember that you must take care of it so that you would have a longer time to enjoy playing with you game console.

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Submitted On June 04, 2010Console SystemsFacing the most common problem with your game console is one of the easiest errors that one gamer would be able to solve. When an Xbox 360 overheats, it just simply means that there is something that triggered it to happen.overheating problem Xbox 360, Xbox 360 overheating, overheating Xbox 360

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