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Xbox 360 multiple disc problems?


My Xbox 360 is having a little problem. I turned it on, and right away the power icon started flashing, which is weird enough. Then, when I got to the home screen, I noticed it wasn’t detecting my Halo: Reach disc, and it simply looked like there was no disc in it. Furthermore, when I try to eject it, manually or with the controller, it won’t come out. I have no idea what’s wrong with it, and no one seems to know what to do either. Can anyone help me?

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  1. Its hard to say, but I can give you a couple trys to fix it

    1) remove the face plate, then hit eject. next, try plan b and keep faceplate off

    2) theres a youtube video that shows how to open the tray when xbox 360 is off, first remove the face plate then stick a paper clip and it comes out

    [url is not allowed].

    3) call microsoft

    4) if warranty is not good, take xbox apart and replace the disc drive using the power of youtube (from there its super easy to get halo reach disc back if plan b failed)

  2. Well my best answer is to call xbox live customer service and i heard halo reach can affect osme 360s but not bad just it getting used to ur 360

  3. Please don’t listen to Lisa, that had to be the stupidest response I’ve ever seen. Something is up with your Disk Drive, you can either call MS to have them fix it, hope it fixes itself, or get a new xbox.

  4. well, Halo reach is a brand new game, and is coded for the new consoles, but works with old consoles, many players experience difficulties if they have 2006-2007 xbox 360’s, and that also depends on how much you use it, if you use your console a lot and have used it a lot in the past, you may experience random errors, or glitches, or some odd experiences that occasionally occur. Most of them non damaging, some horrifically dangerous like Sexually transmitted diseases. Give customer support a call at (800) 4MY-XBOX or (800) 469-9269, you may experience shipping fees and repair/refurbish fees of up to 80$, so buying a new xbox 360, and sell yours on ebay in as is condition would probably be advised. New 250GB consoles run @ 299$ and the 4gb ones run at 199, but with the 4gb console you can’t play halo reach, Because they don’t contain enough random access memory of which halo reach uses a lot. so the only one they make, the new 250gb one, is all you can buy.

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