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Xbox 360 Headset problem?


Ok well i’ve had a 360 ever since it first came out and i bought a xbox live 3months gold package.came with 3 months xbox live 1600 ms points and a headset.anyway i’ve been through like 4 already and when i plug it in the icon shows up like it’s working then it dissappears.this happened to all my headsets.but the next day when i try it, it works perfectly.do i need to just buy a 50$ headset or is there something i can do to fix it

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  1. I have the same problem and i gave up trying to fix it. You can try blowing into the controller where you plug it in but otherwise i think it depends which headset you have because my friends headsets work but mine doesn’t. i would recommend getting the headsets you get for a cell phone, those work.

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