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Xbox 360 Failure Rate


Retailers are claiming that the failure rate on the Xbox 360’s is much higher than Microsoft are saying. Microsoft stated that they have only had to deal with a failure rate of 3-5% on the games consoles. Retailers believe that the real figure is between 30% – 50% some even claiming it is up to 60%.

The majority of these errors are the 3 red lights when the system starts up. There are different combinations of red lights that all mean different things but 3 solid red lights it mean “General Hardware Error”!

If your are unlucky enough to get this error then it means you have to call Microsoft and then send it back to them for repair. This process usually takes about 2 weeks but has been known to take longer.

There are three main reasons for the red ring:

1: Overheating you need to make sure that the console is in a well ventilated area not sitting in a cupboard below a telly with a DVD player underneath it.

2: The power brick with the Xbox 360 and not the core system itself could also be an issue. Make sure you keep the power brick up off the floor as this is meant to help increase airflow to the machine as well.

3: The main cause of the red ring is to do with the soldering joints coming loose on the motherboard and over heating and thus causing the problem.

I hope this gives an insight into the problem and why it occurs.

For more info on the Xbox 360 3 Red Lights and to find out how to fix this error yourself and be playing your games in the next hour check below:

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Written By Swalter a webmaster of an active and popular Xbox 360 Forum [http://www.360gamerscore.net]

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