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Will Xbox games made in America work in an Xbox made another country?


Can you interchange Xbox games from one country to another?

If I sent Games to Indonessia for my brother to play on HIS Xbox there, would they work?

Games and game systems are very expensive there and it is hard to find used games there too.

Ps3 is more popular in Asia, but I want them to enjoy the awsome Xbox.

Thank you for your imput.

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  1. Well not necessarily, it is pretty easy to get a wii or an X box chipped in Asia for about 100 bucks or so. If you did that then it would probably work. Keep in mind that chipping is well technically illegal so if you were to ever bring that Xbox back to America and the chip was found inside it then you’d be in serious trouble, but hey I live Asia and more than half the games and DVD’s I own are illegal so don’t worry lol.

  2. That depends entirely on his situation, for example:

    1. If the Xbox was bought in Indonesia he won’t be able to because it will be region-locked.

    2. If he got the Xbox from the states, he is able to play games from the states too.

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