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Will Microsoft Repair An Open Xbox 360 Unit?


Hi, I bought my Xbox 360 Elite Used From and EB Games, it had some stickers on it that I removed since my Xbox is broken. One of the stickers said “Gamestop Refurbished, void if removed”. The warranty was up with Gamestop anyways, but my question is if I sent it in to Microsoft to get repaired will they repair it or reject it? I know since the silver “microsoft seal” under the faceplate is missing that voids the factory warranty with them, but if I pay the $99.99 will they still fix it? Thanks for your help!

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  1. no they wont fix it. i found it out the hard way. i sent mine in last week and paid the $100 because my warranty was up but they still wouldnt fix it because it was “tampered” with. so youre just gonna have to find a shop in town to buy it. i suggest just spendin an extra $100 and get the arcade version and puttin your harddrive on it. youll get a year warranty and another controller. sorry for the disappointment

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