Home Xbox Forum why does my xbox 360 not have sound on my HDTV?

why does my xbox 360 not have sound on my HDTV?


even after i plug in the green, blue, and red cables (provided by xbox), swich to HDTV, and select my appropriate HDTV display setting, i have no sound. The video works and is in HD, and it appears to be in HD, but there is no sound. Can someone please help me out with this?

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  1. There’s another cable that you plug into the HD cable for the sound. Forgot what it’s called, someone will know.

  2. I’d try unplugging & replugging the wire’s back in. Then turn off the 360. After that switch from hd to norm then back to hd turn on the tv turn on the 360. I don’t have HD but i’ve had it where sound hasn’t played when a wire was loose. wiggle the sound wire around, could also be a bad connection with the wire. If it’s brand new though this shouldn’t be an issue. Hope this helps

  3. are you sure you’ve set up audio right?

    make sure you don’t have them crossed

    you might just have a defected set

  4. u also need to connect the white and red connection so that u can have sound. the only one left hanging would be the yellow for video(but that is the standart version) so leave that one out

    hope that helps

  5. the green blue and red cables are all for video, you have to plug in the red and white cables also. Or you can get an optical cable and run the sound through there also.

  6. If you’re plugging in the green, blue and red cables.they are only for video.

    Is there a red and a white cable too?

    Otherwise you’ll have to get another cable, I think.

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