Home Playstation Forum Why does my PS3 making clicking noises when its OFF?

Why does my PS3 making clicking noises when its OFF?


once i thought it was the fan coming to a halt, but for the sound to persist wayyyyyyyy after so much time, i start thinking its something else, n yeah i thought it might just be the plastic of the ps3, i have the ceramic 80gig ps3, i maintained it pretty well since i got it, no accidents nothing, mint condition, and i dont play all that often so im sure i barely used up much of its lifeline, ah well but i guess ill go by what you said unless someone can shed some light on it – ‘if it aint broke’ ill just ignore this issue unless it starts waking me up in the middle of the night or something.

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  1. Its nothing.It is heard when it cools down.

    While the PS3 is running the outer body is get heated & expand.When you turn off, the outer body gets cooled & popping noise can be heard when it shrinks.

  2. Could be the power supply they hold a charg for hours and it might be going bad triggering things even if it’s unplugged. Oh maybe there’s a Mexican jumping bean trying to escape? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? And it might be getting so hot the mother boards cooling and plastic makes that which is not good if it’s getting extremly hot. Pin point the sound though that’ll help.

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