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Why do I keep getting disconnected from Xbox Live?


Well I spent a weekend in riverside, before I went out there my connection was perfectly fine, but ever since I came back I’ve been randomly disconecting from xbox live, I don’t why? Help? I am using the xbox 360 wireless adapter and a verizon fios router.

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  1. maybe it’s because there no good inter connection out there or your router isn’t close enough to your xbox360 or maybe it’s just your game check all of those are fine and if so then maybe just get a wired connection to ur xbox360 with an Ethernet cable which is much better connection from ur xbox360 to ur internet hole in your router or internet hole in the wall

  2. There trying to tell you that you suck at xbox and probably shouldnt play it at alll.

    hahah justkidding. Try rebouting your router, thats what i did. Or call xboxs phone number and ask them if they have any idea whats wrong.

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