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When will the price of the Sony Playstation 3 go down?


I’d really like to buy a PS3, but the price is still too high for me to budge. Any educated persons know when the price is expected to drop?

Please, no guesses!


  1. how can you say no guesses? think about it. ps3 just came out what more do you want. you have to wait at least 1 year to see a difference and that if ps3 is doing bad. i doubt it will do bad since they are starting to make better add-on and configuration. my best bet is to get a ps3 without the hardrive for cheapest price. or the other best thing to do is try to get it on layaway. thats what im gonna do soon. for me ill be paying 36 bucks a month.

  2. I dont’ know, but I hope sometime later on this year, my boyfriend is dying for one. but we bought the XBOX 360 until we can afford a PS3

  3. I just read an article that said a price cut was likely this summer. I am also waiting to buy one until the prices drop. The production prices are decreasing, however they are still higher than what Sony makes on each console. Even if they do not make a profit, they need to drop the price so that there is a base to help with software sales. Seeing that production prices recently dropped over $100, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a price drop soon.

  4. “please, no guesses”?

    any answer you’ll get would be a guess

    im guessing in 2009 since sony is losing about 200 bucks on every one sold, even more if they are not sold and they lost about 2 billion because of the ps3. yea thats right 2 freaking billion

    [url is not allowed].

    if they sold it any less the sony games division would just go out of business

  5. Well, G4 TV and other analysts have guessed at October for a price cut, but it’s not official. And blu ray will win the format war. For every 1 HD DVD sold, 3 Blu Ray Discs are sold. microsoft even said they didn’t put the HD DVD drive into the xbox 360 because it was an unproven format, and now microsoft is considering to make a blu ray drive available for the 360.

  6. They said they will not be dropping it.

    Or not anytime soon, anyway.

    There’s rumors going around on the internet that it will drop within the next 18 months,

    but producers said they will NOT be dropping the price because of the cost it takes to build the system itself.

    It cost more to make it than they sell it for,

    losing money already from that.

    They gain all of their money from their games,

    not the system itself.

    Their sales have been the highest so far, so they have no real reason to drop it.

    When asked about it, aside giving a direct “No.”

    They said “Don’t hold your breath.”

    So I wouldn’t sit around waiting, or expecting it to be soon.

  7. they have said that they will lower the price by october or november because they are losing sales. but anything could happen.

  8. after blu-ray ultimately fails against cheaper HD, even though it isn’t as good as BR.


    right now, sony LOSES money every time they sell a PS3 – why would they want to lose more money?

    pretty much, the cheapest [good] blu-ray player costs customers $800+ because of how expensive it is to make, and yes, i’m aware that a few lower models cost less than 500, but they are nowhere near the capabilities of the other machines

    the ps3 costs only $599

    i could post an estimation of WHEN, but since you requested “no guesses” i put only factual information in here – just check my source

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