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Whats the difference between NAT2 and NAT3 settings on my PS3?


I hear people saying, “oh you should change to NAT2”, but why excatly? Mines on NAT3 and works grand, except on Pro-Evo 2008, if i changed it to NAT2 would it work wirelessly?

Basiclly whats the big fuss?

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  1. NAT type 2 is better than 3. NAT type 3 is the worse connection most in-game communication are disabled in NAT type 3.

    NAT type 1: wired (best connection)

    NAT type 2: wired/’wireless (strong connection)

    NAT type 3: wireless (bad connection)

  2. lol i was talking about this today in school with my mates becasue i just got a ps3.

    Anyway, well basiaclly Nat2 is better than NAT3 because sometimes wireless which is NAT3 logs itself out. My mate has that problem, and he always loses connection. Thats what thats all about.

    The best connection is NAT1 becasue you use the ethernet cable which connects to your modem/adsl etc. which then makes a strong connection.

    NAT 1- is wired, this is the best connection you can get

    NAT 2- is wired/’wireless which is a good connection (not as good as NAT 1.


    NAT 3 – wireless connection, which isnt a very good connection.

    You choose whats right for you.

    good luck

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