Home Xbox Forum What games do you suggest for XBOX 360?

What games do you suggest for XBOX 360?


Im buying an xbox 360, what games do you suggest, also what games do you suggest for regular xbox that work on 360?

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  1. for xbox 360 right now wait untill halo 3 comes out and get that. but games for xbox that work rainbow six lockdown is great and tons of people play it online. and its like 5$. also instyead of buying a $60 game now get 4000 xbox live marketplace points, or 1600 and you can use them on the xbox live arcade which has amazing games, they are all 5-10$. You need geometry wars. and there are other great classics. but if you do want a xbox 360 game now and cant wait. i reconmennd either bioshock if you like shooters, madden nfl 08 if you like sports

  2. well i would just wait for halo 3 and fo xbox have halo 1 and 2

    have madden 08, ghost recon

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    ^ above is the list of Xbox games that are compatible with the new 360 console.

    As for great games for the 360, if you like role playing games, you should check out Oblivion. with more than 60 hours of core gameplay, as well as hundreds of guild quests, and even more side “fluff” quests, this game has definite re-playability.

    If you like first person shooters, you should check out the Call of Duty series (2 and 3 out now, 4 coming soon) and the Medal of Honor series. (newest one out this month.) these are both classic FPS that have awesome multiplayer as well as very intense campaigns. Also on the FPS list is the Upcoming Halo3. touted the 360’s most awaited game, we will see how it plays out on the 25 of this month. And dont forget Gears of War, awesome, challenging single player campaigns, awesome co-op abilities online, and supremely amazing multiplayer versus on xbox live. a definite must have.

    If you are into Real time strategy games like command and conquer, the new Tiberium Wars has added some great gameplay in single player, and great setups for online versus matches on live. Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth is also a great RTS game. though the online lacks in its playability.

    on the live marketplace, there are tons of fun games for cheap. $5-$10 that will kill hours and hours of timewhile waiting for your buddys to get on.

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