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Valhalla Hills Review – Worthabuy?


Valhalla Hills Review - Worthabuy?


  1. Mack… your issues with the game is simply a misunderstanding on your part. there is range within the buildings that use resources, that they need to be within a certain distance for them to use the resources etc.

  2. mate you explained how great settlers 3 was superbly. but there is something i would like to add, it is the grind in S3 that made it enjoying, it didnt even felt like a grind because i would go at my own pace built how i wanted micro and macro my own style and thus i am invested in the game. And it is the lack of unique investment in future settlers games that saw the decline of the series.

  3. Wishing for a settlers type game on PS. Settlers 3 big maps were mass eeve and did take many hours, but the total war at the end was a sight to behold.

  4. settlers 3 was good but 4 was the almost perfect game… I so loved it!!! Shame they Blue Byte screwed it with the 5 6 7 … settlers 4 have to be renewed 🙁 that would be brilliant…

  5. Bring Settlers 3 back, but re-vamped, I agree with you "Worth A Buy" guy, was an amazing game, i'm actually downloading an ISO of it now 😀

  6. I prefer Settlers 2, this game still needs some work. Bought it yesterday and was looking forward to this. I still prefer the way settlers 2 & 3 used towers to expand the building area.

  7. TBH I played Settlers 3 back in the day, but I could never get really far in it.
    Stronghold and Crusader was where it was at for me.

    A bit more simplistic in terms of economy and town building but the thriving castles you could build came to life with all the peasants going about their jobs.

    After playing that for a long time I realised how complex you can make the economy there are so many ways of being productive in that game..

  8. Never played Settlers, but I have played Banished. Banished kept me glued for hours due to it's zen-like gameplay. How do they compare?

  9. Have you tried "Knights and merchants"? Old, but a very good game in the spirit of Settlers.

  10. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Winnie the Pooh did Let's Plays, this is the video for you. 🙂

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