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Truth on Used Games – PS4 and Xbox 720


Truth on Used Games - PS4 and Xbox 720


  1. so can I buy a game second hand for ps4 slim and it will work fine?? I'm thinking of gettin gta5 tomorrow

  2. It costs companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola as little as 3 cents to make a normal sized bottle of pop. And we buy it for like $2-3. Isn't that just a nice profit?

  3. Woody this is legit sony has released that the rumors that you will be able to play used games on the ps4 get this out there, im not joking its legit they sent me a email and its really sony entertainment who sent it

  4. Ok if he's so called an "Xbox Fanboy" then your a PS4 fanboy! And why would we wanna know about his personal life even if he was an xbox fanboy!

  5. I got dead space 2 for 20$ and was still in its plastic thing and had the code and clean cd bought as a used game

  6. ha wow, this proves how much of an idiot you are. you also have no idea how being paid to make youtube vids works. see the ads on his channel those are the people paying him (boost mobile is one that i see) pay youtube and they pay him for getting views. on his channel he can say what ever the fuck he wants. it your choice to listen only to what he says or do your own fucking research bitch

  7. "It is not always watching or always listening."

    "Yes, you can turn the system completely off. This would use no power and turn everything off."

    "Kinect for Xbox 360 was designed and built with strong privacy protections in place and the new Kinect will continue this commitment."

    Directly from Microsoft.

  8. I didn't say it wasn't a part of Google, I know it is, I am not stupid. I was being more generic. And I've been telling you, you can turn it off, and only use it when you need / want to use it. And I do care if people spy on me, I just know I can turn the Kinect off so that it doesn't happen.

    According to your logic, using any of these services from "PRISM companies" your data is being recorded, so why don't you stop using your computer, or YouTube? Your messages / emails could be recorded.

  9. I've done my research. YouTube was also accused of being part of PRISM, so according to your logic, remove your YouTube account right now. I wonder what operating system you are on. Windows, OSX? Apple has also been accused of this, so stop using your computer or phone. And you're not forced to use the camera, you can turn it off. It's the exact same as your phone, or a laptop webcam. It's there, it will turn on when you want to use it. Simple.

  10. According to your logic we should not use any webcams or camera phones that are connected to the internet in case they get hacked. You probably know nothing of computers and software. I study Computer Science at University, it's likely I know more about hacking than you do for sure. And Microsoft has denied participation in PRISM. Apple, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Dropbox have been accused. Do you use any of these? According to your logic, stop using all of those companies' products.

  11. You are saying that any webcam can be "hacked". You don't want to use the Kinect because it can be "hacked"? Well then you shouldn't use any other webcams, cameras on your phone etc. Those videos on your channel you filmed with your camera, you shouldn't use it because it can be "hacked", according to you. The most ridiculous claim ever. And Microsoft themselves said you can turn it off, and the only data it gathers is stuff like your heart rate for the games you play. Do some research.

  12. Games for the Xbox One will be ~15GB. There has been no indication from Microsoft to change it back either so "that's a fallacy right there". And the Kinect camera, you can turn it off with software, just like any webcam or the camera on your phone.

  13. Just because they didn't say so, doesn't mean it isn't going to happen. The PlayStation also has a 500GB hard drive… So what? And games are definitely not 40-50GB of storage per game haha! That's way too much. Do you know how big games are?

  14. That is never going to happen. They have more to lose than to gain from doing that. If they do change it, which they won't, nobody will ever trust Microsoft again. Saying that, how do you know Sony won't change it as well?

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