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Tips On Fixing The Xbox Red Light Problem


Got an Xbox? Lucky you. Got an Xbox with flashing red lights instead of green ones? Not so lucky huh? Unfortunately you have joined the ever expanding group of console owners facing what has become known in gaming circles as the dreaded red ring of death. Although the exact figure seems to be hard to pinpoint, the failure rate of these consoles is estimated to be in the range of fifty to sixty percent of all units sold which of course is a huge number in anyone’s language.

If you are one of the unlucky people that is stuck with a malfunctioning console you do have a couple of options. The first one is to send it back to Microsoft for the repair. Microsoft has so generously extended the warranty on the xbox but only if you bought it new and have your receipt of purchase and providing that it has not been modified or the case opened up at all. Expect a delay of up to eight weeks for the return of your console and as some people are reporting, there is no guarantee that it will work flawlessly when it does arrive back.

Another option is to do a search around the net and follow some of the ‘home remedies’ that people have posted around the place. You may have seen the infamous towel trick where you wrap the console in a couple of towels and run it for a while. There are a few other ‘tricks’ around as well as the towel trick and if you do choose this way don’t be disappointed if more harm than good is done! A few people report that some of these methods work for a short time while others have reported that their console is now ruined and needs extensive repairs. Tread with caution!

The most reliable and cost-effective way of repairing the dreaded red ring of death comes in the form of a do-it-yourself repair guide. These guides are written by people that have repaired hundreds, if not thousands of failed consoles and a few come complete with video instruction to help you along the way. There is no need for any fancy tools either with the majority of repairs needing only basic tools that you will normally have around the house. This method sure beats risking doing more damage to your expensive console or having to wait weeks for something that is not guaranteed to solve your problem anyway!

With a visit to Tried n Tested [http://triedntested.info/archives/27] you could be just an hour away from enjoying your Xbox once more. This information brought to by [http://triedntested.info/archives/27]

With a visit to Tried n Tested [http://triedntested.info/archives/27] you could be just an hour away from enjoying your Xbox once more. This information brought to by [http://triedntested.info/archives/27]

Submitted On March 18, 2008Console SystemsIn this article we take a look at the options that Xbox owners have when faced with common flashing red light problem. One option can do more harm than good and another may leave you waiting a very long time. Please read on to find out more.xbox 3 red light,xbox 360 3 red light,xbox 3 red lights,xbox 360 3 red lights

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