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The Xbox 360 – Still Measuring Up


The Xbox 360 was on it’s release, and still is today quite a console with stunning graphics and a host of games to suit the host of gamers out there. Here’s a quick brief on it’s history and where it is today.

Prior to it’s release it was officially revealed on the 12th of May, 2005 so it has been out for around three years and a few months. Believe it or not it was actually revealed on the ever so popular MTV music programme and was even introduced by the actor Elijah Wood. Also later that month, Time magazine had a photo on it’s front cover of Bill Gates of Microsoft holding an Xbox 360 console in his hand. So safe to say, it had a pretty good start.

In recent months in the UK alone sales increased by up to 40% at one point back in March of this year, 2008 so it’s still up there with the big boys. Of course you don’t need me to tell you that the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit are at the top of the list – still!

The Xbox 360 has a huge array of more than 180 high-definition games and is available in around 40 countries to date. If you love playing games with friends or are simply looking for the best in entertainment you can’t really go far wrong with this console particularly if you’re a fan of action, role-playing, sports, racing, party, or action-adventure games. This one has some of the biggest and best games out there and the most exclusive content in 2008 and most definitely into the future.

Don’t forget also just which games this beauty has such as Gears of War, Resident Evil 5, Fable II, and the extremely popular Grand Theft Auto IV. It has to be said that the Xbox 360 is probably one of the most powerful consoles out there delivering sheer quality.

It has also teamed up with the giant film company Fox to help promote The Simpsons Movie offering fans the opportunity to get hold of one of 100 limited-edition Simpsons xbox 360 [http://www.computer-games-store.co.uk] Pro consoles. All gone by now I expect.

Need I continue to boast of this superb console? Ok, just one more thing I want to repeat – the graphics on this gem are just superb! You really won’t go far wrong with this console.

John Milligan.


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Submitted On August 16, 2008Console SystemsThe Xbox 360 was, on its release, and still is today quite a console with stunning graphics and a host of games to suit the host of gamers out there. Here’s a quick brief on its history and where it is today.xbox 360, xbox, console, nintendo, ps3, gaming consoles, nintendo wii, wii fit

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